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How to Enjoy Cave Point County Park

Cave Point County Park in Door County, WI has ice caves in the winter and cliff jumping in the summer, hiking, kayaking, waves and more.

Crashing waves, breathtaking ice formations, underwater caves, and steep cliffs are some of the best reasons to visit Cave Point County Park in Door County.

This popular spot is located just 20-minutes from Sturgeon Bay and Egg Harbor on the east side of the peninsula. 

We believe Cave Point is a must-see destination when visiting Door County. And if you haven’t been in the winter, watch the weather reports and try to time it when the waves are crashing.

It will be an experience you’ll never forget.

Cave Point, Door County Safety Warning

Before we get started take a second to review the below safety notes and remember to be careful. While care should be taken, don’t let this brief warning keep you from experiencing the natural beauty of Cave Point County Park.  

  • Look out for blow-holes in the ground when walking near the cliffs. 
  • Winter months create beautiful ice formations but terribly slippery paths. Watch your step. 
  • When swimming and kayaking, water near the cliffs can be unpredictable with strong waves.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s dive into the Top 5 reasons to visit Cave Point County Park in summer or winter!

Cave Point County Park: Top 5

1. Cave Point Winter Ice Formations

As we mentioned above, winter is a great time to visit Cave Point. Door County is also the least busy this time of year which we think is a huge plus! 

Cave Point County Park, WI

Our experience of Cave Point was on a blistering cold winter day while the waves were crashing. The surf can get impressively large.

In fact, at a pull-off somewhere before reaching the park, we noticed a man getting into a wetsuit preparing to surf! Surfing is surprisingly common in Wisconsin. 

If you’re hoping to witness this strong beauty of nature like we did, check out the live animation of Lake Michigan below and try to find Cave Point County Park on the map. This will provide a good indication of whether or not waves are currently slamming against the limestone cliffs. 

Lake Michigan Waves Report
This is a 5-day Lake Michigan wave forecast model from the NOAA

Vacation Victory cares about its readers’ safety. Please remember to be careful! Stay away from the cliff’s edge and watch out for water spraying from blowholes. 

2. Underwater Caves

Limestone cliffs are beautiful in themselves but part of the magic of Cave Point is knowing that you’re standing on underwater caves.

These sea caves have been formed by the constant crashing of waves over time as the water level has risen and lowered.  

Accessing the caves is only an option for scuba-divers but kayaking near them might be the next best thing. Get more kayaking tips below.

You’ll know the caves are close under foot when large bursts of water spray out of blowholes near the cliffs edge. This only happens when the water is rough on Lake Michigan. Check out the wave map above for the forecast!

3. Cave Point County Park Hiking

Hiking Trail Sign

To be honest, Cave Point County Park itself is small. There’s not a whole lot of ground to cover but the trails are still worth it! Plus the hiking trails connect to the adjacent Whitefish Dunes State Park. 

When you arrive, the parking lot is a very short walk to the main cliffs. You can easily walk up and down along the shoreline to take in the cliffs of Cave Point. Don’t forget that you’re walking on top of underwater sea caves!

Then, we recommend taking a longer hike that starts at the main parking lot with restrooms, picnic areas, and a gazebo. Make your way south from there on the Lakefront Trail where you’ll find plenty of beach access points along the way. 

4. Cave Point Kayak Opportunities

Cave Point County Park Kayaking

When you visit the cliffs of this Door County park from the land you may wish it was possible to capture the limestone beauty from out at sea. Cave Point County Park kayaking makes that possible. 

With all the warnings at the beginning of this post, kayaking near the cliffs might seem like a poor decision. That’s why we recommend taking a tour. 

Companies like Kayak Door County and Door County Kayak Tours pay close attention to water conditions and weather to make sure you have an awe-inspiring and safe kayak experience near the breathtaking cliffs of Cave Point Park.

If you’re experienced and plan to put in yourself, use the boat launch on the north side of Schauer Park. From here you will head about one mile south towards Cave Point where you’ll have a unique view of the limestone cliffs. 

5. Cave Point County Park Cliff Jumping

Cliff jumping, obviously at your own risk, is a perfect summertime activity at the peninsula’s most popular county park. 

If the weather is good and the water is clear you’ll likely come across a small crowd jumping at Cave Point Park. For first-timers, this is a great way to find the best jump points. Don’t be afraid to ask around if you’re not sure. 

The above wave map can be a good indicator of calm waters but we also recommend frequent checks of hourly weather conditions. Another best practice when cliff jumping is to examine water levels and always verify your landing and below. 

Planning Your Trip

Cave Point County Park is only 20-minutes from both Sturgeon Bay and Egg Harbor. Most would dismiss a county park, but this one does not disappoint. If you’re looking to take in the beauty of this area, check out our below advice and recommendations for staying in the area. 

Can I Bring My Dog? 

Yes! Dogs are allowed on leashes at Cave Point County Park. 

Winter Park Welcome Sign

Post Park Beer and Live Music

When the fun is over at Cave Point, follow the shoreline north to Baileys Harbor where you’ll find Door County Brewing Co. and Music Hall.

This is one of our favorite taprooms in Wisconsin and if you time it right, the live music rocks! 

Door County Brewing Co and Music Hall

If you’re looking for more breweries in Door County, we have a guide to help you out. Press the button below for the article.

Camping Near Cave Point County Park

While Cave Point and the surrounding State Park are day-use only, you can still find good campsites in the surrounding area. 

For quick access to Cave Point County Park, campgrounds like Frontier Wilderness and Monument Point are great camping options. However, drive further north and you’ll find our best camping recommendation at Newport State Park. This is a pack-in only camping area and is Wisconsin’s only International Dark Sky Park. 

Check out our full Door County campsite list by pressing the link below! 

19 Hand-Picked Campsites in Door County By Location

Hotels Near Cave Point

A few of the hotels near Cave Point County Park can be found in Jacksonport, WI. One of which, Square Rigger Lodge, is even a lakeside waterfront stay with amazing views of Lake Michigan.

However, more of our favorite towns are still really close to Cave Point and offer some great hotels. Egg Harbor is in our Top 4 and still only a 20-minute drive to Door County’s favorite county park.

If you want to follow our lead, we recommend checking out your Airbnb options in Egg Harbor.

Bring a Map

Cell phone reception is good enough throughout most parts of the Peninsula. However, if you’re like us and like to carry a good road-map that can also be used as a last resort trail-map, then we have a good recommendation. There isn’t much detail on Cave Point park, but it’s still a great tool for the rest of your Door County vacation.

Check out this National Geographic Door Peninsula Map on Amazon.